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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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flight back to san francisco. the tsa confirms that the reported altercation happened in one security check point when romo couldn't provide an id which is routine for travelers. sources tell us romo was quote, disruptive and got into a verbal altercation with one agent. that is when police intervened. the police department told us, and i quote, airport police notify that had notice that the individual engaged in the dispute with a tsa officer. the security of other travelers not compromised. police say romo stood in an agitated position, pacing around. with clenched fists. now, romo cited with a misdemeanor from violatingá'm airport rules and any if the da decides to file charges police tell us he'll have owe
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to show them in court. after given a citation, he was released. police say he did not appear to be drunk or on drugs. at 6:00 tonight what some of the fans say about all of this. >> thank you very much. the giants popular. and sergio romo is one of the most popular players on the team. the pitcher is a power house and always comes through. you can see here in game four, when the giants swept detroit. romo created quite a stir on halloween at the giants world series victory parade when he wore a tee shirt reading "i just look illegal". we're seeing support for romo on social media as well. twitter user my gps agent says
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i mean, tsa should be cited for not knowing who sergio romo s scotty s has a different opinion, he writes do you not have an id when traveling? it is the law to have an id on you al @ all times after a certain aichblgt i don't understand why did he not have his. you can join the conversation. we should tell you aabc 7 news broke this story online today. and you can follow us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. they're constantly updating breaking news. opting for a push notification. >> right now, a desperate search for a missing petaluma teenager. >> that is right. the 19-year-old alisa burn with friends attending a music festival in south lake tahoe. >> she was last seen shortly
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after midnight in state line, nevada. abc 7 news is there. this is so tough for everybody in the family. >> earlier today we spoke with the mother and brother. today, we had an opportunity to hear from the father for the first time. you know, douglas county sheriff's office search and rescue team are looking for petaluma resident alist why burn, today we learned new information, cheryl, that confirming activity on her cell phone after midnight. now this, is new because investigators had originally believed that the last call was before midnight. now, investigators confirmed either a car or a text was placed from her phone later than earlier reported but they caution it does not mean that the phone was in alisa's possession. the search expanded to include investigators moving through every room of the horizon ka seeno today a plea from her father for her safe return. >> my hope is if she's out there f you're out there, just
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come home. >> it's either a call or a text. it is an activity. 003. >> law enforcement officials from reno are scanning lake tahoe and the shore line and canine units are sechg wooded areas and parked cars looking for a sign of the the missing 19-year-old she was attending the snow globe event in tahoe new year's eve. but left party and took a shuttle back to the hotel. no one has seen her since. her friends looked but did not see her and took her zmingz bent back home with her items. sheriff deputies tell us the search will end at undown but will resume in the morning. they're saying every resource available sk used to find alisa burn. >> the search to find alisa burn happens to fall on what would have been the 32
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birthday for a little girl named polly klaus murdered nearly 20 years ago. coming up in 12 minutes the technology unveiled of her birthday to help protect children from predator autos latest suspect arrested in the murder of a south bay millionaire made a court appearance today, deangelo martin arrested on saturday in qex a high profl yil killing of robby kumra. martin is the fourth suspect to be taken into custody. how and why he was killed is under seal. >> we're going to be learning how did these defendants get into the house? how did they know he had a lot of wealth? how did they know he had a coin collection? these things goring to be important. >> abc 7 news uncovered information about his sordid past including allegations of
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a shamx> plos say computer technology helps officers take a weapon off the street. sounds like that set off the shots spotter system new year's eve. officers headed to the area of 84th avenue within seconds of the gunshots being picked up by microphones around the neighborhood. officers can see realtime maps in patrol cars showing locations of those sounds. >> when a gun is fired our censors are trained to detect large bm or bang sounds that are similar to gunfire. just goes to show given technology, right amount of resources and correct direction we can make a dent
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in violent crime. >> a special shot spotter team found a man police say had this rifle. police say he has a history of committing violent crime autos another study shows some of the states in america's toughest gun laws have lowest rate of gun related deaths. the san francisco based law center to prevent gun violence found lowest per cap pity gun death rate. state senator will helandy tries to push a law toughening requirement nears california. >> google off the hook. the company was cleared today of claims it unfairly faveors it's own services in search results. agreed to license some patents considered essential for rival mobile devices like apple iphone ask ipad this, puts an tond a 19-month antitrust probe against google. >> california has accomplished
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a milestone in its ef yrts to meet the national health care reform law. federal government approved a plan to run it's own health insurance market. nannette miranda has the story from sacramento. >> pam ra malone wishes she add health insurance saying a community clinic isn't giving >> hopeless. sometimes, i'm -- it's so frustrating. and i don't know what to do. >> an answer from her and millions of other uninsured californians may be a year away under federal](z affordable care act. obama administration gave approval to set up a health benefits exchange onion line marketplace called covered california consumers can buy private coverage. >> this is a big milestone z says that the federal government looked at our plans and said we're good to go. >> the approval opens the door for companies to start bidding for a place on the exchange.
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plans are supposed to be affordable because they'll be competing for more customers. even those with preexisting conditions. defending -- depending on income level, federal subsidies will be available. >> you'll get as good or better price through covered california whether a subsidy or not than you'd possibly get anywhere in the market. >> is it good coverage? >> it's going to be great coverage. >> skeptics worry about the cost of mandated coverage and how much penalties will be for those who don't have insurance and choose not to get it. >> let's say in terms of $221 a month penalty is $90 a month. think bit. think about what you would rather pay. >> she is crossing her fingers exchange will cover her needs. >> i have hopes that it will. and i have hope in the government. >> out of more than seven million uninsured, the state
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hopes to expand to at least two million. the aim to have it set up online by october so coverage can happen beginning january 1, 2014. >> okay. thank you very much. >> coming up,... >> it's gg to be another colds night out there tonight. talk about the weather. sorry we got our signals crossed here we're going to go to the break in jo. a ild koeld night. we'll talk about the forecast and new technology designed to protect children from predators unveiled on the same day kidnapping victim polly klaus would have sell braitd as reported her 32 birthday. >> antiterrorism campaign hitting streets of san francisco. there is sandhya with weather. >> that is right. aim going to tell you about a not so cold night compared to this
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is. >>. san francisco 49ers kicker claims he received death threats. acres talked about it today at a news conference and says he received tleets last week and notified national football league security department. threats as he fwheent a slump this season z missed 13 field goal this season, comparing to eight missed when he earned all pro honors. he revealed he had hernia surgery following 2011 season. >> in moron hill today in the south bay, families of missing or murdered children announce new tools are available when children go missing.
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polly claus of petta luma. she ki died at age 10. david louie joins us live with more. >> tech nlg has a way of advancing to meet special needs, extending to finding missing children and protecting them from predators. in the case of sierra lamar, investigators hoped her cell phone might provide a trail, bread krumz, if you will wh. discovered two days later it didn't help. >> that is the achilles he'll of the child lok indicator gps technologies that exist in the marketplace today. >> it inpired engineers to protect and locate missing kids. markfff3z klaus and his foundatn put a stamp of approval on a suite of ideas. this wrist watch is a gps tracker and cell phone on a bracelet locking on to a wrist to prevent loss or removeal. calls restricted to parents or
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a care taker coming up next sels for $149.95. another is this smart phone app. it enables parents to have photos data and other detail assembled and ready to blast out to friends, zpaem neighbors the moment their child is missing. it enables a search to get underway while parents might northbound shock having access to the photos, right there, and distribute them, so it's very powerful. >> a new browser restricts web access to parental approved skpits keeps predators at bay. >> we block their identity. so they don't knowñ>@ who the name is. we block ip address and location. we keep them insifd a cocoon. >> the leo watch appeals to misty sanchez, abducted at age 9. >> i didn't know if anyone was
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looking for me. fi had this watch boy have been able to immediately contact my family members. i would have known that they were in touch with the police department to help find me. >> all of these new tools are aimed at youngsters but may have to broaden their scope because as we know, and as we see he today, many kidnap victims and missing people tend to be age high school or college and sometimes, even young adults. in morgan hill, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> drowsy driving on u.s. than people realize. a study says one in 24 drivers admit they had nodded off atúó
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>> almost everiy call announced by the consumer products safety commission that i tell you about is volume teary that. means regulators and manufacturers have jointly agreed the product should be recalled well that is not the case here. the consumer products safety commission sued the makers of the nap nanny back in december, just last month, and this is an effort to get product off the shelves this, is video
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from the company's web site. the company is now reportedly trying to get that lawsuit dismissed. we were unsuccess envelope reaching the company and do know the company on its own web site challenged the government's claims that the nap nanny is responsible for five deaths. it also emphasizes it's not illegal to sell the product. however, amazon, toys are us and baby are us, and bye-bye babe yes have agreed with the government and have stopped selling nap nanny following this december lawsuit. we'll keep you up to date. some economists predicted mortgage wraits say record lows in new year, so far, they're correct. the price of a home loan dropped this week to another near record low. the 30 year fixed rate fell to 3.34%. that is a fraction below last week's 3.5%. cheaper mortgages driving recovery and analysts predict
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the market will gain more steam this year, you may remember prices in the bay area are up on average 9%. some popular museums will be free this weekend if you're a bank of america customer. anyone with a bank of america card can get in free to four museums this saturday and sunday. and it's not just thisññ.m wee. the bank offering free admission on the first full weekend of every month this year. it's part of the museums on us program. we told bit before. it's not new. here is where you can go this year, and this weekend. the palace of the legion of honor, deyoung museum all of those in san francisco. and then, you can also head over to oakland and space and science center, just bring your debit or cred yait yit card and a photo id. it's a great deal. >> looks like a deal. >> thankymydcámñ >> yes let's talk about the cold weather.
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>> and. >> there are things changing behind me as we look down embarcadero towards the bay there. the moisture is a little bit higher and wind is blowing. notãcold tonight. checking out a live picture from our south beach camera. you can see this morning frosty cold. 26 degrees. it's going to be cold. let's check out live doppler 7 but not as chilly as what we saw this morning. you can see clouds beginning to approach, changes are on the way. our live doppler 7 hd will be looking at rain soon here. you'll need umbrellas,li2n@ temperatures falling in upper 40s this, afternoon, it was beautiful in oakland got up to
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60 degrees. a little bit milder than where we are. chill yes to cold overnight. and rain is likely for saturday and sunday so if you have weekend plans listen up to the teeming -- timing of the system here. it's going tog to be cold and wind sheltered valleys. 30 degrees in napa. 29 in santa rosa. livermore, concord still below freezing. 236 degrees in san jose. and 28 degrees in oakland. here is a sat skplit radar. high clouds today is this cold front approaching fizzled so it just sent us clouds, filtered sun. rain looking likely this weekend. next front going to fizzle. get ready for wet weather.
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7:00 a.m. saturday. just cloud cover. we'll start to see light rain beginning to move in. becomes moderate by 3:00 p.m. it's wide spread. 5:00 p.m. moderate rainfall with this system. rainfall totals heading into weekend from a quarter to half an inch. higher elevations may pick up. 6:00 a.m. sunday, light rain up in the north bay that will continue into evening hours, tomorrow you've got a dry day. if you're wrapping up holiday, at least it's still going to be dry. 58 degrees in san jose south bay. nice day on the peninsula. 56 millbrae. 58 half moon bai. in the north bay, 58 santa rosa.
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56, napa. east bay communities hirk clouds, lots of sunshine. 58 oakland. mildest readings in monterey bay. 6s in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. starting out cold, patchy frost inlbld. mostly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. rain saturday, mid day, through night time. rain again, sunday mid day through evening. could see a lingering shower. monday, mostly sunny. it's back to reality. we'll be getting rain here in the bay area and live doppler 7 will be tracking it soon. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center it's dry and nice now. i'm sandhya patel. dan? cheryl? >> beautiful shot behind you. back to reality. >> right. >> thank you very much. >> still to come, 49er faithful learning how to get in on tickets to a playoff game.
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>> michael finney reports on a woman left in the cold two months after an energy audit that may have saved her life. we'll be right back.
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a new campaign hit the streets of san francisco aiming to redefine the meaning of the word jihad. these ads have been plastered on muni buses as part of the counsel of callede6uu my jihad project. the council wants to reclaim the word from terrorists and want the word to show a different meaning. a constant struggle to improve. ads part of a nationwide effort to fight discrimination towards museum autos a -- muslims. >>+z a g.o.p. assemblyman borrowed an idea from republican governors in texas and florida a degree would be available to stid students and
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the bill targets chico, long beach and turlock for a pilot program. cost of going to college is $30,000 now and many california campuses. >> listen to this. 49ers revealed there are a limited number of tickets available for next saturday's playoff game at candle stick. now, 49ers will sell tickets on ticket master and can buy tickets from other fans via ticket exchange. >> pretty exciting. >> yes. it is. >> well, we have a rare sighting in san francisco to share with you. >> coming up next, critter now
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we're still waiting for a statement from san francisco giants on pitcher sergio romo.
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he was handcuffed after an incident at the las vegas airport. we'll also follow up on an investigation on the use of a post operative painkiller on the football field. two teams are mentioned in a report you'll see tonight on abc news. coming up on abc 7 news tonight at 6:00. >> you're about to see the first river otter spotted in san francisco in half a century. >> meet sutro sam, becoming very popular. >> he is eating gold fish released there. pemplts are at a loss tochl plain where he came from. >> best guess is that he swam across the golden gate from marin county. >> first spotted by bird patchers in september. there were reports of a river otter atí?mkz baker beach. >> looks comfortable.


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